Classic Car Catalogue

AC 1954

Great Britain

Petite (346 cm³)
Ace – new model




From 1949 to 1954, 2 Litre Buckland Tourer was made in small numbers, but not sought after.

AC Ace, announced in October 1953, is a two-seater based on the successful sports and racing cars of designer/builder John Tojeiro. Powered by a tuned version of the 2-litre six-cylinder AC engine it is the first post-war British sports car with all-independent suspension (transverse leaf springs, front and rear). The attractive all-enveloping bodywork is of light-alloy mounted on a tubular steel frame. The fully-carpeted cockpit is well equipped and the hood (top) canvas and its separate frame could be stowed in the tail of the body when not in use. Centre-lock wire wheels are fitted as standard. By the time it went into full production in 1954 certain modifications had been incorporated, including high-mounted headlamps, a recessed raked-back grille and a stronger frame.