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Cobra 289



AC Cobra, originally introduced on to the export market for 1963, became available in rhd form in the autumn this year. This powerful sports car originated from an approach to AC by American racing driver Carroll Shelby, and, following an intensive design and development period of a little over a year, the model went into production. Cars are built at Thames Ditton, UK and shipped to the USA to be fitted with engines and gearboxes. Early versions are powered by a Ford V8 4.2-litre engine; later versions by a V8, 4.7-litre unit.

Made from 1964 to 1966, 427 has 425 bhp 6984cc (427 cubic inch) V8 engine, giving phenomenal acceleration and 165mph top speed. Chassis is stronger with larger diameter tubes, and coil spring suspension is fitted. Body has much wider wheel arch flares to enclose wider wheels. 428 had less powerful with 390 bhp 6997cc (428 cubic inch), Ford Thunderbird engine.

A.C. Having suspended production of all other models to concentrate on building the Cobra, A.C. left themselves with no British market at all, the production was being sent to the U.S.A. However, they are now building cars for the British market, having the 4.7-litre, 280 b.h.p. engine as standard equipment. Price will be £2,454 9s. 7d. (October '64)


Cobra GT Coupé V8 Ford 4727 cc      
  24h Le Mans 22.06.1964 Entrant: Results: Index:
#   chassis     gen. class perf. eff.
3 Cobra GT Coupé #A98 Bolton/Sears A.C. Cars dnf - - -
64 Cobra 289 COX6010 Fraissinet/Mortemart Chardonnet 18th 2nd GT 4.0-5.0 20th  

AC Coupé, chassis #A98, engine: Ford 4.727 cc (Peter Bolton / Jack Sears) at 24h Le Mans; A. C. Cars (of Thames Ditton) Ltd.


AC Cobra 289, chassis #COX6010, engine: Ford 4.727 cc. (Régis Fraissinet / Jean de Mortemart) at 24h Le Mans, Société Chardonnet.