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AC 1965

Great Britain

Cobra 260, 289
Cobra 427/428
427/428 - new model 


289 Sports from 1965 drops the Cobra tag and gets coil spring suspension, and wing flares.
427 SC from 1963 (65?) has even more power with 480bhp and 180 mph, worlds fastest production car.

Now in production, the A.C. Cobra II does things the beefy way with the 7-litre Ford Galaxie engine installed instead of the 4.7-litre Mustang power plant. Larger tyres (7.75-15in. in place of 6.40-15in.) help transmit the extra power, but otherwise the chassis appears to be unchanged and the rumoured coil-spring front suspension is not fitted to the show car.
(Geneva report)

Civilised fast back Coupé, designed by Frua, on an Ace chassis extended by 6 inches, combines comfort with speed. Engine is 345 bhp, 7 litre Ford V8, giving 144 mph top speed. Most cars has automatic transmission but manual is available. All round servo assisted dual circuit disc brakes but heavy unassisted steering

AC Cobra





AC 427 (October ad)