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Alfa Romeo 1938

6C 2300B
8C 2900B


The 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B 'Lungo' Berlinetta with coachwork by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan is described as "the fastest car in the world".
542 cars made.

Samochody typu 8C 2900 zajęły trzy pierwsze miejsca w Mille Miglia. Jest to ósme z rzędu zwycięstwo Alfa Romeo w tym wyścigu.

6C 2300

6C 2300B Corto
6C 2300B Lungo
6C 2300 Mille Miglia - new model

6C 2300

Mussolini in Alfa Romeo 6C 2300

6C 2300 B cabrio Worblaufen (markt 92/8-44.47)

8C 2900 Spider by Pinin Farina

8C 2900

8C 2900B Corto (R8 cyl, 2905 cc, 180 bhp; 110.2 in)
8C 2900B Lungo (R8 cyl, 2905 cc, 180 bhp; 118.1 in)

8C 2900B

8C 2900B

8C 2900B Corto

8C 2900B Lungo

8C 2900B Touring at Paris Motor Show

8C 2900 Berlinette (automobiles classiques 93-126, 94-81 tył)

8C 2900 Le Mans (superauta 2-38)

8 C 2900 Le Mans (Road Track 91/11-104.109)

8C 2900 Spider Corto

308 (R8 cyl, 2292 cc, 295 bhp; 108.3 in) - (4 ex.)
312 (V12 cyl, 2995 cc, 350 bhp; 108.3 in) - (3 ex. used parts from '37 12C)
316 (16 cyl, 2958 cc, 350 bp; 110.2 in) - (3 ex. used Tipo 150 cyl blocks and '37 12C parts)
158 (R8 cyl, 1479 cc, 190 bhp; 98.4 in) - (3 ex.)

2nd Italian GP 30 316 Giuseppe Farina
European Championship GP entries:
 German GP 24.07.1938   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
24 312 Giuseppe Farina Alfa Corse failure    
26 312 Clemente Biondetti Alfa Corse acc.    
28 308 Piero Taruffi Scuderia Torino acc.    
30 308 Pietro Ghersi Scuderia Torino 8th    
34 Tipo B Ernõ Festetics Graf Festetics dna    
42 308 Renato Balestrero Renato Balestrero 7th    
 Swiss GP 21.08.1938   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
22 Monza 2.6 Giovanni Minozzi Giovanni Minozzi dnf    
24 Monza 2.6 Emilio Romano Emilio Romano 12th    
28 308 Piero Taruffi Scuderia Torino 6th    
34 Monza 2.6 Jstván de Sztriha Jstván de Sztriha dnf    
38 312 Giuseppe Farina Alfa Corse 5th    
40 312 Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Corse 7th    
 Italian GP 11.09.1938   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
 Italian GP 11.09.1938   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
2 308 Pietro Ghersi Scuderia Torino 5th    
6 316 Clemente Biondetti Alfa Corse 4th    
28 312 Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Corse dnf    
30 316 Giuseppe Farina Alfa Corse 2nd    
32 308 Vittorio Belmondo R. Balestrero dnf    
34 312 Piero Taruffi Alfa Corse dnf    
2nd Coppa Ciano     Farina
3rd Coppa Ciano     Wimille/Biondetti
2nd Coppa Acerbo     Farina
3rd Coppa Acerbo     Belmondo

Non championship GP entries:

Race: Best res.:
 Coppa Ciano 07.08.1938 2nd
Coppa Acerbo 15.08.1938 2nd
Pos. Race: No. Model: Driver:
1st Mille Miglia   2900B Biondetti/Stefani
2nd Mille Miglia   2900B Pintacuda/Mambelli
3rd Mille Miglia   2900A Dusio/Bonisegni
1st 24h Spa 4 8C 2900B Pintacuda/Severi
1st Targa Abruzzo     Cortese
Other races:
Race: Best res.:
Mille Miglia 03.04.1938 1st, 2nd. 3rd
 24h Le Mans 18.06.1938 failure
24h Spa 10.07.1938 1st
Targa Abruzzo 15.08.1938 1st

8C 2900B Touring Special (Raymond Sommer / Clemente Biondetti) at Le Mans.

8 C 2900 B Lungo

In 1938, Alfa Corse, an in-house racing team for Alfa Romeo, took over the activities of Scuderia Ferrari, along with many of their personnel, including Enzo Ferrari. Alfa Corse prepared four 8C 2900B Corto cars for the 1938 Mille Miglia. These used Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera roadster bodies. Three of these cars had their engines tuned to give 225 bhp, while the fourth, assigned to Biondetti, had an engine from an Alfa Romeo Tipo 308 Grand Prix car, which delivered 295 bhp. The cars finished the in the top two positions, with Biondetti winning and Pintacuda finishing second after leading the race from Piacenza to Terni where his brakes locked up. The other two 8C 2900B Mille Miglia roadsters did not finish; Farina crashed and Eugenio Siena had a blown engine. Piero Dusio finished third in a privately entered 8C 2900A.
One of the 2800B Mille Miglia roadsters later won the 1938 Spa 24 Hours with Pintacuda and Severi driving.
Alfa Corse also prepared and entered a single 8C 2900B, chassis number 412033, for the 1938 Le Mans. The car featured a streamlined coupé body at a time when Le Mans racers were almost always open cars. The aerodynamic coupé was built by Carrozzeria Touring. The coupé, driven by Sommer and Biondetti, led for most of the race, but tyre trouble was then followed by a dropped valve. The car was driven to the pits, but had to retire there.

German GP. No. 28 Piero Taruffi's 8-cyl. tipo 308 (Scuderia Torino), No. 26 Clemente Biondetti's 12-cyl. tipo 312 (Alfa Corse ).

8 C 308 Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35. Jean Pierre Wimille winning Swiss GP, Bremgarten.

Alfa Romeo 308. Monza. Giuseppe Farina.

Alfa Romeo Tipo 312. Coppa Ciano. Jean Pierre Vimille