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Alpine 1964

  wb: 4cyl.
845 cm³
40 ch
845 cm³
50 ch
998 cm³
70 ch
956 cm³
51 ch
956 cm³
55 ch
1108 cm³
berlinette TdF 2100 mm - A-108/845 A-108/998 - A-110/956 A-110
cabriolet 2100 mm A-108/845 - - A-110/956 - -
coupé Sport 2100 mm A-108/845 - - A-110/956 - -
coach GT4 2270 mm - - - A-110/956 - -


A-110 GT4 at last year's Paris Motor Show.

For 1964 the Alpine range consists of four models: berlinette Tour de France, four-seater GT4, convertible and coupé Sport. The latter simply becomes a convertible with a permanently fitted hardtop. Lacking the apeal of the convertible and being more cramped than the berlinette this is the least popular version and wasn't even dispalyed at last year's Paris show.
There is a new 1.1 litre engine option for the berlinette. In October it becomes A-110/1100.

Na ten rok Alpine oferuje cztery modele: berlinette Tour de France, cztreromiejscowy GT4, kabriolet i dwumiejscowy coupé Sport. Ten ostatni jest po prostu wersją kabrioletu ze stałem dachem i cieszy się najmniejszym zainteresowaniem klientów. Nie znalazł się on nawet na stoisku firmy na ubiegłorocznym salonie w Paryżu.
Nowością jest 1,1 litrowy silnik oferowany jako opcja do berlinette Tour de France.
Rozpoczęto montaż modelu A 110 w zakładach DINA w Meksyku. To już druga, po Brazylii, "zamorska" licencja Alpine.

A-110 berlinette Tour de France

A-110 cabriolet

Coup é GT4 at Paris Motor Show in October.


M.64 wb: 2300 mm 4 cyl. 1150 cm³ 115 ch  
      1001 cm³    


Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 26.04.1964 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class category
18 A 110   Sage / Sirdey Alpine dns - -  
20 A 110   Rosinsky/Rolland Alpine fail. - -  
40 A 110   Féret / Orsini Alpine fail. - -  
190 M.63B   Bianchi/Banchi Alpine 16th 2nd 1.0-2.0 2nd prot.
  24h Le Mans 15-16.06-1963 Entrant: Results: Index:
#   chassis     gen. class perf. eff.
46 M.64 #1711 Lageneste/Morrogh Alpine 17th 1st prot.1.0-1.15 8th 1st
47 M.64 #1710 Bianchi/Vinatier Alpine nc - - -
51 M.64   Ferret/Orsini /Cheinisse Alpine dns - - -
54 M.64 #1709 Vidal/Grandsire Alpine fail. - - -
59 M.64 1001cm³ Masson/Zeccoli Alpine 20th 2nd prot.1.0-1.15 5th 2nd
 12 Hours Reims 05.07.1964   Results:    
#         gen.      
51 M.64   Lageneste-Morrogh          
50 M.64   Rosinski-Grandsire          
49 M.64   Vinatier-Bianchi          

Having re-introduced the originally intended tubular frame the new M.64 is slightly narrower and lower than its predecessor. The height has been reduced from 1.13 m to 1.05 m. For the La Mans test in April it used the Renault Gordini 1150 cm³ engine from the Renault R8 which has two overhead camshafts and develops 115 bhp. The test proved unsatisfactory with some adjustments needed to the suspension.
For the race on 20th of June, Jean Rédélé entered four cars fitted with 4-cylinder 2-ohc engines ranging from 1001 to 1150 cm³.
The Alpine no.46 of Lageneste-Morrogh finished at the top of its category winning the efficiency index (average speed 163.374 km/h, weight 650 kg, fuel consumption 13.16 liters/100 km, index 1.48) and taking 17th place in overall ranking.

M.64 during tests at Le Mans.

Alpine M 64, chassis #1711, engine: Renault 1149 cm³ (Henry Morrogh / Roger de Lageneste) at 24h Le Mans, Société Automobiles Alpine

Mauro Bianchi and Vinatier spent five hours in the paddocks having their gearbox repaired.

Two weeks later, after it's excellent result at Le Mans, the Alpine M.64 with the 1150 cm³ engine finds itself at the 12 Hours of Reims. Carrying no.51 and driven by de Lageneste and Morrogh, it won in the category "prototypes less than 1300 cm³" covering just over 2,000 km at average speed 166,678 km/h. Two other Alpines (out of the four entered) finished this endurance race: No.50 of Rosinski-Grandsire and no.49 of Vinatier-Mauro Bianchi, respectively averaging 165,297 km/h and 150,767 km/h.

Unlucky Vidal-Grandsire retired after 14 hours due to transmission failure.

Le Mans.

20th in the overall ranking and 2nd in the efficiency index, Masson and Zeccoli.

A 110 at Targa Florio.

Luciano Bianchi - Mauro Banchi's M.63B at Targa Florio. They came 2nd in prototypes category and 2nd in 1001-2000 cc class.