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Alvis 1948

Great Britain

TA 14 – Sports Saloon (R4 cyl, 1,892 cc 65 bhp)
TB 14 – Fourteen Sports Tourer (R4 cyl, 1,892 cc, 68 bhp; wb: 111.5 in) - new model

Alvis Fourteen TA 14 Saloon

Alvis Fourteen, Model TA14, Drophead Coupé was introduced in January 1948. The bodywork is by Carbodies Ltd, whose plant is opposite Alvis' own, in Coventry's Holyhead Road. The chassis price is £665 (basic), while the complete car cost £1276, which is the same price as for the Saloon.

Alvis Fourteen chassis.


TA 14 from 1948 two door drop head and estate car variants were offered by specialists.
During the inter-war years Alvis sports cars were prominent in International competitions, setting up reCords and winning many track events. It was therefore desirable that this tradition should be carried on into the post-war years and the new Fourteen Sports Tourer is trying to achieve this with it's strikingly faired wings and a rear end obviously influenced by aerodynamic considerations. The built-in headlamps and prominent radiator screen are in the modern sporting style. While the Fourteen Sports Tourer is not intended for racing, or serious competition work, its performance is such that it will attract the Sportsman who is in search of a combination of effortless speed and graceful lines. Engine: 2-litre, 4 cylinders, bore x stroke: 74 x 110 mm, compression ratio: 6.725:1, maximum b.h.p.: 68 at 4,000 r.p.m. Rating: 13.58 h.p.

PERFORMANCE. Maximum speed: 80-85 m.p.h. Length: 14 ft. 6 ins, height: 4 ft. 6 ins, width: 5 ft. 6ins, wheelbase: 9 ft., track: 4 ft. 6 ins., weight: 2,744 lbs. Fuel capacity: 11.25 gallons. Tyre size: 6.00 X 16. Price: £998 plus £277.19.6 Purchase Tax. Total: £1,275.19.6.

TB 14