Classic Car Catalogue

Alvis 1955

Great Britain

TC 21/ 100 Grey Lady (sports saloon, drophead Coupé) (R6 cyl., 2993 cc; wb: 111.5 in.)
TC 108G Three Litre Sports Saloon (R6 cyl., 2993 cc; wb: 111.5 ins.) – October at Earls Court.

TC 21/100 Grey Lady Saloon

TC 21/100 Grey Lady Drophead Coupé


Alvis Three Litre TC21 -100 Drophead Coupé is an impressive Tickford-bodied two-door alternative to the Grey Lady four-door Saloon. Both models are fitted with the 2993-cc 100-bhp twin-carburettor engine and feature a sunshine roof (saloon), wire wheels and a pair of additional driving lamps as standard; pressed wheels are optionally available. Alvis body suppliers - Mulliners is increasingly coming under the control of Standard Motor Co, and the body supply is getting difficult. Alvis's other main supplier, Tickford was acquired by the David Brown group, that the Coupé was discontinued in August 1955.
Coachbuilders Graber of Switzerland had produced some bodies for the TC21 that were much more up to date than the standard offering from Mulliners. It was therefore decided to make the Graber style the basis of a new model and the rights were bought resulting in the TC 108G. A contract was placed with bus builder Willowbrook of Loughborough.
The new model is only available as a two door, four seat, saloon made by forming metal around a traditional wooden frame. The 2,993 cc engine is uprated slightly to produce 104 bhp by modifying the cylinder head and fitting twin SU carburettors. Suspension is the same as the TC 21, independent at the front using coil springs with leaf springs at the rear.

Three Litre Graber