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Alvis 1966

Great Britain

Three Litre Series III (TE 21) (2-door saloon, drophead Coupé) (3.0-Litre Straight-6; Wheelbase 111.5 in.) - discountinued. 352 were made from 1964-1966.
Three Litre Series IV (TF 21) (2-door saloon, drophead Coupé) (3.0-Litre Straight-6; Wheelbase 111.5 ins.) - new model launched at Geneva Motor Show.

3 Litre Series III

NOW amalgamated with Rover, Alvis is famed for its military vehicles, but also makes fine cars with saloon and convertible bodies by Park. Ward. Choice of engines, with two or three carburetters. 5-speed ZF gearbox is standard. ZF power-assisted steering and Borg Warner automatic transmission are options. Unusual headlamp mounting has four lamps grouped in vertical pairs. Wire wheels are another feature. Six-cyl.; o.h.v.; 2,993 c.c.; 150 b.h.p.; whl, base 9ft. 3 1/2in.; price £2,667 + £614 p.t. = £3,281

TE Convertible

The Alvis TF21 is an updated version of the 1963 TE21. Externally the car is identical to the TE21 but there were some changes to the suspension and inside the instruments are better organised. The 2,993 cc engine, first used in the 1950 TA21, have its power increased to 150 bhp at 4750 rpm by fitting triple SU carburettors giving the car a top speed of 120 mph. A choice of automatic or five speed gearbox made by ZF is available. The chassis and suspension continue with its front coil springs and leaf springs at the rear. Disc brakes are fitted to all wheels and recirculating ball type steering gear was used with power assistance optional.

3 Litre series IV - October advert.


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