Classic Car Catalogue

Armstrong Siddeley 1950

Great Britain

Hurricane 18 HP (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 75bhp; wb-9'7'')
Lancaster 18 HP (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 75bhp; wb-9'7'')
Whitley 18 HP (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 75bhp; wb-9'7'')
Limousine 18 HP (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 75bhp; wb-11'2'') – new version



Here is the latest member in a family of motor cars in the finest tradition - "The Whitley" by Armstrong Siddeley. It is a four-door saloon, giving ample room without the appearance of an unduly large car. The semi razor-edged style is both smart and practical. The front seat is the single bench type with folding arm rest. The engine is 6-cylinder, 18-h.p. (2.3 litres), and develops 75 b.h.p. at 4,200 r.p.m. Either Preselector gearbox with finger-tip control on the steering column, or synchromesh gearbox with central gear lever is available. The overall dimensions are approximately 15' 7'' long by 5' 8'' wide. Judged by any standard, "The Whitley" is a luxurios motor car and a very worthy successor to Armstrong Siddeley prestige. The price is £975 (plus Purchase Tax £271 11s. 8d.)
Member of the Hawker Siddeley Group.


Armstrong Siddeley cars are powered by a 2.3-litre 18 HP engines which develops 75 bhp at 4200 rpm, with a choice of either preselector or synchromesh gearboxes. All three models were introduced in September 1949 to replace the previous 16 HP 1.9-litre-engined versions. The Typhoon was discontinued in May 1950. Whitley Saloon dimensionally is similar to the Lancaster, but with semi razor-edged body styling and greater rear seat headroom, it uses the same mechanical components as the Lancaster, Hurricane and Typhoon. Wheelbase of all models is 9 ft 7 in.



Limousine at Earls Court