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Armstrong Siddeley 1958

Great Britain

Sapphire 234 (R4, ohv, 2290cc, 120bhp)(saloon – wb-9'3'') – discontinued Since 1955 803 were made.
Sapphire 346 (R6, ohv, 3435cc, 120/150bhp)(saloon – wb-9'6'') – discontinued Since 1952 (as 3.4 Litre) 7697 were made.
Sapphire 346 (R6, ohv, 3435cc, 120bhp)(limousine – wb-11'1'')
Star Sapphire (R6, ohv, 3990cc, 120bhp)(saloon – wb-9'6'') – new model


Star Sapphire from late 1958 has reworked engine of 3990cc and 165 bhp, and standard Borg Warner DG auto box. Also standard are disc brakes, power steering. Body similar in appearance to Sapphire, but mostly new panels, and re designed interior. Door hinges moved to front pillars.


346 Saloon


346 Limousine



Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire