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Armstrong Siddeley 1959

Great Britain

Sapphire 346 (R6, ohv, 3435cc, 120bhp)(limousine – wb-11'1'')
Star Sapphire (R6, ohv, 3990cc, 120bhp)(saloon – wb-9'6'')
Star Sapphire (R6, ohv, 3990cc, 140bhp)(limousine – wb-11'3'') – new model

Star Sapphire



Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire Six-light Saloon is similar in appearance to the Sapphire 346 except that it has cutaway rear wheel covers, doors hung on concealed hinges at the leading edges, a Sphinx mascot on the bonnet and different frontal treatment. The car features a new 3.9-litre six-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, servo brakes (discs on the front) and power-assisted steering, all as standard equipment.

Połączenie z Bristolem.