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Armstrong Siddeley 1960

Great Britain

Sapphire 346 (R6, ohv, 3435cc, 120bhp)(limousine – wb-11'1'') – discontinued
Star Sapphire (R6, ohv, 3990cc, 120bhp)(saloon – wb-9'6'') – discontinued
Star Sapphire (R6, ohv, 3990cc, 140bhp)(limousine – wb-11'3'') – discontinued In 3 years 980 were made.

Star Sapphire



Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire 6 Light Saloon was announced in October 1958 and continued unchanged, was the last but one model to come from this famous company, which due to inevitable economic pressures ceased production in the summer of 1960 after more than forty years as a motor manufacturer. The last model to be introduced was the luxuriously appointed, seven-seater limousine, also fitted with a six-cylinder, 3990-cc, ohv power unit; its top speed of 90 mph was less than for the saloon as it was considered inappropriate for a sedan of this distinction to exceed such a figure!

Połączenie z Bristolem nie pomogło uzdrowić sytuacji finansowej i firma zaprzestała produkcji samochodów, koncentrując się wyłącznie na branży lotniczej.

Star Sapphire Limousine