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ASA 1963

1000 GT Coupé wb: 2200 mm R4 dohc
1032 cc
91 bhp


1000 GT - nowy model
Prasa ochrzciła nowe auto mianem "Ferrarina". W Genewie pokazano prototypową wersję kabriolet, także stylizowaną przez Bertone.

ASA 1000GTC, by Bizzarrini and Piero Drogo

1000 Spider Bertone



In 1963 a single example of a lightweight competition version, the 1000 GTC appeared. This was developed by Bizzarrini (after having left Ferrari) and had the engine (reduced to 995cc to enter the sub-1-litre class) moved back and used a new all aluminium body (constructed by Drogo). Rumoured to be destined for the 24H Le Mans in that year, it vanished from the scene well before that event.
  Targa Florio entries: (05.05.1963)
# 134 GT 1000 Lado / Deserti ASA dns
# 136 GT 1000 Bassi / Facetti ASA dns