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Audi 1967

Audi 2-dr (4 cyl, 1,7 dm³, 72 KM)
Audi 4-dr (4 cyl, 1,7 dm³, 72 KM)
Audi L 2-dr (4 cyl, 1,7 dm³, 72 KM)
Audi 80 L 2-dr (4 cyl, 1,7 dm³, 80 KM)
Audi 80 Variant kombi (4 cyl, 1,7 dm³, 80 KM)
Audi Super 90 (1,8 dm³, 90 KM)


The Auto Union delivers its two sedans, the two- and four-door, now in four versions, which differ by performance and equipment features. The basic version with a 72 hp engine has now been converted to regular petrol by considerably reduced compression. But the best-selling model is the high performance Super 90. All models except the basic version now have dual-circuit brakes. Of course, in addition to the sedans, Auto Union continue to offer the Audi 80 Estate. In general, one may say that the Audi introduced quite well since its introduction two years ago. it is an effect of both: good characteristics of the car itself and above all, the large advertising campaign.

Super 90

Audi 80 L

Audi Variant

Cabriolet by Deutsch.