Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1932

Seven - discontinued
Twelve - discontinued
Light Twelve-Six  
Sixteen - discontinued
Twenty - discontinued
Seven - new model
Ten-Four - new model in April
Twenty - new model in August
Light Twelve-Four - new model in September

Great Britain

No sports models figure in the Austin list for 1932, the special "seven," which was introduced last season being discontinued. Their range will consist of the 20 h.p. six-cylinder with various forms of bodywork, the "Sixteen-Six ", the four-cylinder 12 h.p. and the " TwelveSix " ; the 7 h.p., as with the other models, remains much as before, but subtantial reductions have been made in the prices. The prices of the " Twenty " varies from £498 to £575 according to the bodywork, the " Sixteen-Six " from £290 to £350, the four-cylinder "Twelve " from £268 to £288, and the" Twelve-Six " from £198 to £225. The 7 h.p. prices are : Saloon de luxe £128, saloon £118, touring car £118, two-seater £118, and chassis £94 10s.
Manufacturers' address : The Austin Motor Co., Ltd., Longbridge Worhs, Birmingham.

Motor Sport, October 1931, Models for 1932
By April 1932, the full Austin range consisted of Seven, Ten-Four, Twelve-Six, 12, 16 and 20 HP models, with a wide variety of body styles.




A four-speed gearbox was introduced in 1932.

Austin is supplying Seven two-seaters to the British Army who use them for scouting and similar purposes. 1929-32 models had a WD-design box back body; the front end sheet metal was like that of the contemporary civilian model. Initial equipment included 4.00-27 'knobbly' tyres. Shown is a 1931 /32 model.

Seven Swallow Saloon


  4 cyl.
1125 cc
9.99 HP
– new model in April
Standard saloon   - April
Sunshine saloon   - discontinued
Saloon de luxe   - July
Tourer   - October
Two–Seater   - October


10-4 Saloon
Austin Ten-Four is a new addition to the Company's 1932 range, introduced in April. It is powered by an 1125-cc 9.99 HP side-valve four-cylinder engine which gives a top speed of over 56 mph. The price of the new car initially available as a Saloon only at £168. A sunshine roof was an option soon after, but this was dropped in July when the Saloon de-luxe was announced with the sunshine as a standard. At the Motor Show in October 1932 other versions of the Ten were announced, a Standard Saloon at just £155, a four-door tourer and a two-seater tourer with dickey seat at £148.




12/6 Harley Saloon

Light Twelve-Four

  wb: 106 in.
(2692 mm)
4 cyl.
1535 cc
24 bhp
11.9 HP
- new model in September
Harley Saloon Six-Light    
Open Road Tourer    






Sixteen Burnham Saloon


  wb: 6 cyl. sv
3397 cc
57 bhp
- nowy model
Ranelagh 11ft 4in    
Whitehall 10ft    





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
27.03.1932 Brooklands Senior Short Handicap         749 c.c. (s) L. P. Driscoll 1st    
27.03.1932 Brooklands Junior Short Handicap         749 c.c. (s) G. G. L. Willis 2nd    
27.03.1932 Brooklands Junior Long Handicap         749 c.c. (s) L. P. Driscoll 2nd    
30.04.1932 British Empire Trophy         749 c.c. (s) The Earl of March   →750 1st
15.05.1932 Brooklands Junior Short Handicap         749 c.c. E. F. Phillips 1st    
15.05.1932 Brooklands Whitsun Sprint Handicap         749 c.c. G. G. L. Willis 3rd    
15.05.1932 Brooklands Senior Mountain Handicap         749 c.c. G. G. L. Willis 3rd    
22.05.1932 Avusrennen         749 c.c. Barnes   →1500 2nd
17.07.1932 German GP       80 749 c.c. Marquis de Belleroche dnf 350-800 dnf
          82 749 c.c. Walter Bäumer dnf 350-800 dnf
01.08.1932 Brooklands Junior Mountain Handicap         749 c.c. R. F. Turner 2nd -  
10.09.1932 Brooklands Senior Mountain Handicap         749 c.c. (s) A. N. L. Maclachlan 1st -  
24.09.1932 500 Miles Brooklands 5 4 2 16 Seven 747 cc (s) George Duller / Goodacre 10th Class H 5th
          14 Seven 747 cc (s) L. Pat Driscoll 11th Class H 6th

The Earl of March won the British Empire Trophy in up to 750 c.c. class.