Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1938

Big Seven  
Twenty - discontinued
Twenty-Eight - new model in July

Great Britain



  4 cyl.
747.5 cc


Seven Ruby (late '37 advert).
Austin Seven was in its last full year. There were Saloon (Model ARR), Cabriolet (AC), Tourer (AAL) and Two-seater (APE) body styles. From July they had full Girling brakes and concealed bonnet hinges.

Big Seven

wb: 87½ in.
(2222 mm)
4 cyl.
900 cc
25 bhp
7.99 HP
Fixed head Saloon    
Sliding head Saloon `  




    4 cyl.
1125 cc
32 bhp
9.99 HP
Cambridge Saloon Fix head    
Cambridge Saloon Sliding head    
Conway Cabriolet    


10 – December
Ten Cambridge Saloon and Conway Cabriolet looked similar to Fourteen, but are somewhat smaller and have four-cylinder 32-bhp power unit.

10-4 Saloon




12 Estate




14 Saloon
Austin Fourteen Goodwood Cabriolet was similar to Fourteen Goodwood Saloon except for the roll-back roof. Wheelbase was 9 ft 4 in. Engine was a 1711-cc (65.5 x 84.63 mm) side valve Six, developing 52 bhp and rated at 15.96 HP.


  wb: 6 cyl.
2510 cc
65 bhp
17.9 HP
Norfolk 112.5 in (2857 mm)        
Windsor 123 in. (3124 mm)        
Iver 123 in. (3124 mm)        


18 Windsor Saloon
Austin Eighteen Iver is a seven-seater Limousine on 10 ft 3 in wheelbase chassis, powered by a 65-bhp 17.9 HP side-valve six engine of 2510-cc capacity (69.35 x 111 mm). Without sliding glass partition it is known as the Windsor Saloon, with 9 ft 4½ in wheelbase (five-seater) as the Norfolk.


  wb: 127 in.
(3226 mm)
6 cyl.
3400 cc
57 bhp
23.4 HP
- discontinued
Mayfair Limousine    
Mayfair Landaulette    




  wb: 136 in.
(3454 mm)
6 cyl.
4016 cc
90 bhp
27.75 HP
- new model in July



Taxicab and Hire Car



Austin Taxicab

Austin Hire Car four cylinder, 2199-cc, 68 bhp, wheelbase 2.81m.