Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1963

A40 Mk II  
1100 - new model in October (London)

Great Britain

Austin stand at Earls Court.
Rok po premierze Morrisa 1100, samochód ten pojawił także jako Austin.
Spłonęła fabryka w Birmingham, w której produkowane są terenowe modele Gipsy.


  wb: 4 cyl.
848 cc
34 bhp
4 cyl.
997 cc
55 bhp
4 cyl.
1097 cc
68 bhp
Saloon 6ft 8¼in Se7en Cooper Cooper S
Estate 7ft 0in Countryman - -


The Cooper "S" Saloon is more powerful alternative to the Cooper introduced in March and fitted with a twin-carburettor, tuned 1071 -cc engine which develop 68 bhp at 5000 rpm, and servo-assisted disc brakes. Extremely lively performance give the car a top speed in the region of 95 mph and rapid acceleration. Price £695.
BMC replaced the Super and De Luxe models in the autumn of 1962 with the single Super De Luxe, which features an oval instrument panel and revised interior trim.

Mini Cooper (997)

Mini pick-up

Mini delivery van

A40 Mk II

wb: 7ft 3in 4 cyl.
1098 cc
48 bhp




wb: 8ft 4¼in R4 cyl.
1622 cc
61 bhp
R4 cyl. diesel
1489 cc
40 bhp
saloon Cambridge    
estate Countryman    


Austin A60 Cambridge Saloon. Duotone body finish became available in the autumn of 1962, detail changes were also introduced. A60 Countryman also continued with detail modifications.


wb: 9ft 2in 6 cyl.
2912 cc
120 bhp
Saloon Westminster  




    4 cyl.
2199 cc
62 bhp
4 cyl. diesel
2178 cc
55 bhp



FX4 and FL2

Taxi FX4 FX4D  
Hire Car FL2 FL2D  


1962/63 - 1,309 szt.


wb: 7ft 9½in 4 cyl.
1098 cc
48 bhp
- new model
Saloon 1100  
Saloon 2-dr 1100  





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
 RMC       Aaltonen/ Ambrose Mini Cooper 3rd

Downton Engeneering entered Mini Cooper in Targa Florio. Driven by Bernard Cahier and Rob Slotemacker it finished 25th overall, 4th in prototypes category and 6th in 1001-2000 cc class.

Mini Cooper Twin at Targa Florio. John Whitemore - Paul Frère took 27th place in general ranking, 5th in prototypes category and 7th in 1001-2000 cc class.