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Austin Healey 1966

Great Britain

3000 Mk III "Phase 2" cabrio (R6, 2912cc, 148 bhp)
Sprite Mk III cabrio (1100) (R4 cyl, 1098 cm³, 60 KM) – 25.905 of Mk III were made
Sprite Mk IV (R4 cyl, 1275 cm³, 66 KM) – new model  



Sprite Mk IV ma nowy silnik BMC Cooper-S-Typ, taki sam jak MG Midget. Powstało 25.905 sztuk Mk III.
Mk IV introduced in 1966 had the 65 bhp 1275 engine giving 95 mph top speed. Folding hood and redesigned dash on this model.

BIG banger with a hefty six-cylinder engine developed from a car that appeared 14 years ago in lighter form with four cylinders. It was for long a mainstay of the BMC rally team, where its rugged construction kept it winning over rocky Alpine byways. Small rear seats for children, reasonable luggage space and improved weather protection. augment its appeal for the sporting family man.

Sprite Mk IV

Sprite Mk IV na rynku amerykańskim.
ELIXIR of youth in a four-wheeled package, powered by BMC's durable 1,275 c.c. pushrod engine. Latest batch of improvements include new crankshaft and cylinder head for greater power and smoother, quieter performance. Rear suspension is vastly improved since semielliptic leaf springs replaced quarter elliptics. There are winding windows and hinged quarter lights. Redesigned facia is more convenient and there's a small parcel shelf.


  Targa Florio 08.05.1966 Entrant: Results:    
#         gen. class category:
162 3000   Worswick/Minshaw   fail. - - -
194 Sprite   Wheeler/Davidson Coburn Improvements dns - - -
208 Sprite   Aaltonen / Baker Donald Healey 20th 3rd 1.0-2.0 4th prot.
24h Le Mans 19.06.1966   Results: Index:
#   chassis:   Entrant: gen. class perf. eff.
48 Sprite HAN 8R 144 Rhodes/Baker Donald Healey fail. - - -
49 Sprite HAN 8R 143 Hopkirk/Hedges Donald Healey fail. - - -

Targa Florio

Rauno Aaltonen and Clive Baker at Targa Florio were 4th in sport prototype category and 3rd in 1001-2000 cc class in the coupé Sprite prototype.

Targa Florio



Donald Healey Motor Co Ltd. Austin-Healey Sprite, chassis #HAN 8R 143, engine: Austin-Healey 1.293 cc. (Paddy Hopkirk Andrew Hedges) at 24h Le Mans.