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Bentley 1959

S 1 Saloon - discontinued
S 1 Continental - discontinued
S 2 Saloon - new model

Great Britain

Zaprezentowany latem model S 2 ma nowy silnik V8 o poj. 6230 cm³. Firma tradycyjnie nie podaje osiąganej mocy.

Bentley Series 'S' was introduced in S2 form in the summer of 1959. Powered by the company's new V8, 6230-cc, ohv engine the S2 include power-assisted steering and a dual hydraulic braking system as standard, and is available in four basic forms: a four-door, all-steel saloon, drophead Coupé by H. J. Mulliner, and special long-wheelbase versions by James Young and Park Ward. Full airconditioning is a standard feature of these superb cars. Prices range from £5660 to £8942.


Type S


Bentley S 1 Saloon



Sports Saloon
Flying Spur Saloon
Park Ward
Sport S
Drophead Coupé

Continental S 1 Park Ward Convertible

Flying Spur

Continental H. J. Mulliner


S 2

Drophead Coupé Mulliner
Saloon LWB Mulliner
Saloon LWB Park Ward

S 2 Saloon

S 2 Saloon

S 2 Saloon

S 2 Saloon


S 2 Continental


Bentley Continental Park Ward cabriolet