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Bentley 1960

S 2

Great Britain

The Bentley 'S' 2
The Bentley S 2 is designed by the same engineers who make the Rolls-Royce, and is powered by the new eight cylinder vee engine of 6230 cc. Developed over the past fïve years, this compact unit is over square (Bore 4.1" Stroke 3.6") and is made almost entirely of aluminium. It weighs no more than the 6 in-line engine which it replaces, delivering greater torque over the entire speed range.
A fully automatic gearbox and power assisted steering are fitted as standard. Whether being manoeuvred in the city at low speed or cruising on the open road at 80 to 90 m.p.h., the Bentley can be handled with effortless ease. A comprehensive heating and defrosting system has heen redesignedd to give a greater volume and nexibility of controll of the air inside the car, and a refrigeration unit is available if required.
The Bentley is built by craftsmen whose skill and careful attention to detail has produced a graceful motor car which meets the highest demands ot the motoring enthusiast.
Bentley Motors (1931) Limited give a comprehensive 3-year guarantee with every new engine and chassis sold by them.
Service Facilities
All officially appointed retailers throughout the world have Rolls-Royce trained engineers available to provide skilled servicing. There is also an organised systemm of regular inspection of cars at owners' residences in Great Britain during the period of the guarantee.
School of Instruction
To help owners or their drivers to become proficient in the handling of Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars, the Company has arranged special courses of instructionn on maintenance and driving. The school is at the Hythe Road Service Depot in London and full details can be obtained on application.

Bentley Series 'S' was introduced in S2 form in the summer of 1959. Powered by the company's new V8, 6230-cc, ohv engine the S2 include power-assisted steering and a dual hydraulic braking system as standard, and is available in four basic forms: a four-door, all-steel saloon, drophead Coupé by H. J. Mulliner, and special long-wheelbase versions by James Young and Park Ward. Full air conditioning is a standard feature of these superb cars. Prices range from £5660 to £8942.


S 2


S 2 Saloon

S 2 Cabriolet

S 2



Sports Saloon Mulliner
Flying Spur Saloon Mulliner
Drophead Coupé Park Ward
Saloon James Young

S 2 Continental Drophead Coupé Park Ward

S 2 Continental Saloon James Young

S 2 Continental H. J. Mulliner

S 2 Continental Flying Spur