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Bertone 1963


Corvair TESTUDO (prototype) – Geneva (March) 

Bertone Racer Fiat 850

Bertone Testudo (Chevrolet Corvair)

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT by Giugiaro.


Bertone is continuing serious development on his Testudo, introduced as a rather impractical-looking prototype at Geneva in March this year. With its swinging-up roof canopy, it is not unlike the General Motors Corvair Monza GT and is powered by a forward engine with integral four-speed gearbox. Among this car's changes at Turin is a much more rigid framework for the canopy. Bertone intends to put this final version into series production, but it is difficult to visualize a commercial market for it.
(Turin report)

Testudo by Giorgio Giugiaro

An early rendering for the Testudo.