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Bianchi 1932

S5 4 cyl, 1387 cm³ - discontinued
S5 4 cyl, 1453 cm³ - new model
S8 8cyl, 2905 cm³  


Motor SportOctober 1931
Models for 1932
An interesting newcomer to the select straight-eight class is the 22.5 h.p. Bianchi. Designed primarily as a touring vehicle, it nevertheless has a very lively performance with a top speed of about 70-75 m.p.h. With a Martin Walter sports saloon body it is listed at £795.
Manufacturers' address : Societa Edoardo Bianchi (Eng.) Ltd., Palace of Industry, Wembley, Middlesex.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
10.04.1932 Mille Miglia   6 1 21 Olimpico / Calderato S5 34th VU 6th