Classic Car Catalogue

Bond 1949

Minicar - nowy model

Great Britain



The Minicar was introduced January. It is a 2/3 seater Tourer with an aluminium, stressed skin body fitted with a Perspex windscreen with hand operated wiper. The single front wheel is driven by a Villiers 10D, 122cc air-cooled engine and a 3 speed direct change gearbox with no reverse. Steering is by a cable and bobbin arrangement. Starting is by a handle mounted under the dash connected by cables to a modified kick-starter on the engine. There is trailing link front forks, rigid mounted rear wheels and a cable and brake rod system that operates the rear brakes only. Vehicle length 8' 10", width 4' 7" and height 3' 6". The wheelbase is 5' 5" and the weight 310lb. In December 1949 a Deluxe Tourer, identical but with the Villiers 6E, 197cc engine, a marked gear quadrant on the dashboard, a floor-mounted starting handle, engine mixture control, outside driving mirror and a spare wheel. An electric windscreen wiper was fitted as standard but could be specified at extra cost for the Standard Tourer too.

W tym roku rozpoczęła się produkcja trójkołowych Bondów.