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Bond 1957

Minicar Mk D
Minicar Mk E - premiera

Nowy Bond Mk E ma być większy, zapewniać więcej miejsca dla pasażerów i bagażu i bardziej przypominać pełnowymiarowy samochód.

Great Britain

Minicar Mark D

The new Mark E was introduced in October. The body is completely restyled, with 2 doors a wrap around Triplex detachable windscreen, sliding side windows and full width front and rear chrome bumpers. A fibre glass instrument panel contain a large speedometer, ignition warning light, choke control, windscreen wiper switch and a three-way key operating switch for ignition, starting and, when fitted, reverse. The whole unit is mounted in front of the driver as part of a full width parcel shelf. New folding seats split roughly 1/3 & 2/3 allowing access to the rear luggage compartment. Whilst both seats are adjustable, the smaller passenger seat could be removed completely to provide greater baggage capacity. The engine is a Villiers 9E, 197cc with a 4 speed positive stop gearbox and a Siba Dynastart. Length 11' 0", width 5' 0", height 4' 0", wheelbase 5' 6" and weight 672 lb.

Mk D


Mk E


Mk E

Mk E