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Bond 1958

Minicar Mk D - discontinued in November
Minicar Mk E - discontinued in November
Minicar Mk F - new model in November

Great Britain

Mk E rzeczywiście bardziej przypomina zwykły samochód. Dodatkowo wyposażony jest w większy silnik o pojemności 197 cm³. Zwiększenie wymiarów i rozstawu tylnych kół poprawiło stabilność pojazdu. Za nowy model trzeba zapłacić 350 funtów.

From October all the Mk D Family Safety models are fitted with a 4 speed gearbox and designated "Family Tourer". In November the "Family Four" was fitted with a hard top similar to the Mark E and was shown at the 1958 Motorcycle Show at Earls Court, priced at £339 10s 6d (£339.52½p). Only one was made and it was also the last Mark D.
Bond Minicar Mark E two-door open three-wheeler is distinguishable from its predecessor-the Minicar Mark D De Luxe-by a new flat-sided body with straight-through wings and a wider oval radiator grille. It also feature a four-speed gearbox and a wrapround curved windscreen. The Villiers 197-cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine develop 9 bhp at 4000 rpm. In May the 2/3 seater Saloon Coupé fitted with a hard top was introduced.
In November the Mark F was introduced. The body is identical to the Mark E with a 2/3 seater Tourer and Saloon Coupé, but it is powered by a bigger Villiers 31A, 250cc engine with a 4 speed positive stop gearbox and a Siba Dynastart. A 4 seater Family Saloon with two small, forward-facing, hammock seats fitted in the rear is also available.


Mark D


Minicar Family Saloon Mark D


Mark E and Mark F


Minicar Mk E

Mark E

Mk E