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Equipe GT 2+2 – new model at Earls Court

Great Britain

Nowy, sportowy model Bonda o nazwie Equipe, napędzany jest silnikiem Triumpha Spitfire o pojemności 1147 cm³. Nadwozie typu Coupé osadzone jest na podwoziu Triumpha Heralda.

Officially introduced at Earls Court the first company four-wheel car is produced since May. The GT 2+2 is a sports saloon based on the Triumph Herald chassis. It has all-independent suspension, front disc brakes and the Triumph Spitfire 1147cc engine fitted with twin carburettors. The body utilise the Herald floor, bulkhead, windscreen and doors with the roof, rear body and front, forward hinging, bonnet being designed and manufactured by Bond. There is no external opening boot lid and luggage access is from inside with the rear seat folded down. Length 12' 11", width 5' 0", height 4' 5", wheelbase 7' 7½".

Whilst continuing to produce economy cars for the three-wheeled market, Bond made their debut in the four-wheeled field with the launch of the Equipe GT in the spring. Based on Triumph parts, in particular the Herald, this 2+2 sports Coupé feature a fibreglass shell bolted to the Herald chassis, the Spitfire 63-b.h.p. 1147-cc engine, Herald suspension and a Spitfire-based braking system.


250 Mk G


Minicar Estate Car

Minicar Estate Car


Equipe GT