Classic Car Catalogue

Bond 1966

Minicar 250 G - discontinued in December
875 - April
Equipe GT4 (1147 cm³, 67 KM)

Great Britain

The 875 Saloon was introduced in April. The all new body is made of a glass fibre and can acommodate four. The low compression 875cc, 34 b.h.p. engine and transaxle assembly is from the Rootes Commer van. The rear mounted, water-cooled engine behind the transaxle drive the rear wheels. It has a 4 speed and reverse gearbox and independent suspension on all wheels. Tyres are 12" x 5½", with 8" hydraulic brakes. Optional extra's are a spare wheel, a heater/demister and a roof mounted suitcase. Length 10' 8", width 4' 7" and height 4' 3".

A sunshine roof is now an optional extra to Equipe GT 4S, four-seater car that is built for the individualist motorist. It has a Triumph Herald steel chassis, Spitfire Mk 2 engine and a light, glass-fibre body. In fact, it has so many Herald derivations that this model can be serviced by Triumph agents. A smart and distinctive car that has a lot of followers.


250 G








Equipe GT4 S