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Bristol 1950

400 (R6 cyl, 1971 cm³, 80 KM) - ost.rok.
401 (R6 cyl, 1971 cm³, 85 KM)
402 (R6 cyl, 1971 cm³, 85 KM)

Great Britain

Powstało 700 egzemplarzy modelu 400, w tym budowane przez Touring, Zagato, drophead Coupé stylizowane przez Pinin Farina i kombi "woody" od Hyde'a.

Bristol 401 Saloon have a 2-litre 85-bhp Six engine and a top speed of 100 mph. The body is built by Bristol under Superleggera Touring patents and include concealed locks for fuel filler and luggage compartment. The bumpers have synthetic rubber inserts.

Bristol 400

Bristol 402

Bristol 400

Bristol 401