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Bristol 1960

406 (2-dr, 6 cyl, 2,2 l, 105 KM)
406 Zagato - nowy model

Great Britain

Bristol 2.2 litre, 406 Saloon, first introduced in August 1958 (406E, the export version in October 1957), is continued with a number of changes including a revised grille featuring a mesh design in place of vertical slats, fog lamps located behind the bumper, and overriders as standard. The six-cylinder, 2216-cc, ohv engine, which develop 105 bhp at 4700 rpm, give the car impressive acceleration and a top speed of at least 100 mph in overdrive top. The body is aluminium panelled over an all-steel frame welded to a box-section chassis. Price £4244. An Italian bodied version, by Zagato, is also available.

Bristol 406

Bristol 406

Bristol 406 Zagato