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Buick 1934


40 (8 cyl, 233, 93 bhp; wb: 117-in.)
50 (8 cyl, 235.3, 88 bhp; wb: 119-in.)
60 (8 cyl, 278.1, 100 bhp; wb: 128-in.)
90 (8 cyl, 344.8, 116 bhp; wb: 136-in.)


34-40 Series Business Coupe
34-40 Series Trunk Sedan
34-40 Series Touring Sedan
34-40 Series Sedan
34-40 Series Sport Coupe
34-50 Series Business Coupe
34-50 Series Convertible Coupe
34-50 Series Sport Coupe
34-50 Series Sedan
34-50 Series Victoria Coupe
34-60 Series Convertible Coupe
34-60 Series Sport Coupe
34-60 Series Sedan
34-60 Series Victoria Coupe
34-60 Series Convertible Phaeton
34-60 Series Club Sedan
34-90 Series Sedan
34-90 Series Limousine
34-90 Series Club Sedan
34-90 Series Victoria Coupe
34-90 Series Sedan
34-90 Series Sport Coupe
34-90 Series Convertible Coupe
34-90 Series Convertible Phaeton

Buick wyprodukował 63 tys samochodów.
Nowy model z nadwoziem Chevy. Tak, jak wszystkie samochody GM, Buick ma niezależne zawieszenie przednie typu Knee-Action, stosowane dotychczas w Rolls-Royce Phantom III. Ponadto zastosowano przednie szyby ze szkła bezpiecznego i wywietrzniki w bocznych oknach.


INSTRUMENT BOARD - Walnut finish complete with aviation-type instruments; pointer-type speedometer. electric gasoline gauge, oil pressure gauge. water temperature indicator, ammeter-all indirectly lighted. Package compartment.
APPOINTMENTS INCLUDED IN LIST PRICE - Sunshades - safety glass in windshield and ventilator wings - ash trays - assist Cords - robe rail – foot rests.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT FACTORY INSTALLED AT EXTRA COST - Metal drum-type tire covers - single bar V-type chrome-plated bumpers - rear spring covers - spare tire and lock - fender well - safety glass all around.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT PURCHASABLE FROM DEALER, AT EXTRA COST - Bumper guards – gas tank cap with lock - cigar lighter - package compartment door with look and clock - radio - heater - metal license plate frame - onyx-type gear shift ball - spot light - suit cases for built-in trunk models.

(From Model 40 brochure)

EVERY time Buick brings out a new car, people everywhere take notice. They want to see it-examine it-drive it. Then they measure all other cars by Buick. "It's nearly as fine as a Buick! or, "It doesn't come up to a Buick," is their standard of comparison.
Now there is another new Buick. It has everything the world has come to expect in a Buick ... beauty, dependability. performance, stamina, long-life ... with this added advantage: YOU CAN BUY THIS NEWEST Buick AT THE LOWEST PRICE IN Buick HISTORY!
Haven't you always wanted a big, roomy, powerful Eight designed by Buick. built by Buick, backed by Buick, bearing the famous Buick name! No longer will you have to be control with a small car.
No longer will you be obliged to say, "I wish we could afford a Buick!" Now you can afford a Buick and enjoy all the pleasure and prestige that owning and driving a Buick gives ... all the marvelous miles of fine, reliable motoring that are built right into a Buick.
Let's walk around this newest Buick and take a good look at it to assure ourselves that it is every inch a Buick.
Immediately you recognize the 1934 Buick's smart, modern, Wind Stream Styling. You admire the new, sloping V-type radiator with chrome-plated grille which gives this year's car such a pleasing, forward appearance. And look at those fenders! See how they almost completely cover the front of the chassis. See those new headlamps of simplified design in which the parking lights are concealed.

Model 47

Model 48

Model 41

Model 46

Model 46 S

Series 40



Series 60


Buick Eight Series 60 Sedan, Model 67

Buick Eight Series 90 Club Sedan with built-in trunk, Model 91 had 136-in. wb, weighed 4980 pounds and cost $1965. It was one of an entirely new range of Buicks. Lowest-priced Buick was model 46 Coupé at $795.


Series 60 Model 68-C Phaeton (gm 75 years)