Classic Car Catalogue

Cadillac 1946


61 (V8 cyl, 348 cu, 150 KM)
 2 Door Club Coupé,
 4 Door Sedan
62 (V8 cyl, 348 cu, 150 KM)
 2 Door Club Coupé,
 2 Door Convertible, 4 Door Sedan
60 SPECIAL (V8 cyl, 348 cu, 150 KM)
 4 Door Sedan
FLEETWOOD 75  (V8 cyl, 348 cu, 150 KM)
 4 Door Business Sedan,
 4 Door Imperial Sedan,
 4 Door Sedan 5 Psgr,
 4 Door Sedan 7 Psgr,
 4 Door Imperial Bus' Sedan

Cadillac. Światowy standard.



Cadillac wznowił produkcję 17 października 1945 roku. Z powodu niedoboru materiałów, pierwsze egzemplarze miały drewniane zderzaki. Przedstawiono nową gamę aut składającą się z czterech rodzin. Seria 61 ma rozstaw osi 320 cm, seria 62 - 328 cm, 60 Special 338 cm, a seria 75 mierzy 346 cm i są to 5- lub 7-miejscowe limuzyny reprezentacyjne.

Matchless Beauty and Performance in Four Distinguished Series The Series
61 The series "61" is the lowest-priced Cadillac for 1946. It is designed to bring Cadillac's incomparable performance, comfort and safety to the widest possible group of owners. Smart new styling and interior design characterize this model. Anyone who plans to spend as much as a thousand dollars for a new motor car, should see the Series 61. Available as a Sedan and a five-passenger Coupé.
62 The Series "62" is built on a longer wheelhase than the "61" and is designed to provide additional interior luxury and roominess. It is available in three body types, and offers a wide opportunity to the purchaser to express his individual preference as to both the exterior and interior styling. This popular series provides a splendid blending of luxury and practicality.
60 SPECIAL The new version of the famed Cadillac "60-Special" is the smartest and finest in this distinguished car's sensational history. Designed to combine all of Cadillac's traditional luxury and performance-with, the most advanced of ultra-smart styling-the "Sixty Special" brings its owner a type of motor car which is available nowhere else in the world.
75 The series "75" - the supreme combination of the Cadillac chassis and Body by Fleetwood-is, of course, the world's most luxurious automotive creation. In this distinguished series-avail-able in a wide variety of body types, either for personal driving or for chauffeur operation-the art of motor car building reaches its zenith. An inevitable choice for those who want the finest.


61 Five Passenger Club Coupé

61 Five Passenger Touring Sedan



62 Five Passenger Club Coupé

62 Convertible Club Coupé

62 Five Passenger Touring Sedan

62 Five Passenger Club Coupé


Fleetwood Sixty-Special

Fleetwood 60 Special Five Passenger Touring Sedan

Fleetwood 60 Special Five Passenger Touring Sedan


Fleetwood Seventy-Five

Fleetwood 75 Five Passenger Touring Sedan


Fleetwood 75 Five Passenger Touring Sedan