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Cadillac 1961

De Ville    
Jacqueline – prototype  


Całkowicie bezobsługowe podwozia.

The highly refined Cadillac engine delivers brilliant performance and proven dependability. There is extra driving pleasure and extra safety, too, in the assured response which greets the lightest touch on the accelerator pedal. And there is equal satisfaction and wonderful peace of mind in the silent, effortless performance, hour after hour at turnpike speeds. The Cadillac chassis, for 1961, provides many new features certain to be a source of increased satisfaction and driving pleasure. There is improved steering for greater maneuverability. Newly refined braking for shorter, straighter stops and new suspension system advancements assure even greater quietness and comfort.
Cadillac POWER STEERING makes parking ... maneuvering in traffic ... and highway travel an easy and effortless pleasure.
Cadillac POWER BRAKES enable the driver to bring the car to a quick, safe stop with gentle pressure from either foot.
Cadillac HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE provides eager, smooth response as it automatically shifts gears for the driver.
Cadillac CRUISE CONTROL permits the driver to maintain a constant speed of travel automatically ... reduces fatigue and is an aid to increased fuel economy. It also serves as a speed warning device for restricted speed zones.
POWER WINDOWS AND SEATS (available on all models) are convenience items you will want to have on your favorite Cadillac. They are standard at no extra cost on most body styles.
THE Cadillac GUIDE-MATIC power headlamp control dims all four headlights of your car as other cars approach thus reminding oncoming drivers to dim their own headlights in return. This automatic headlamp beam control is an additional aid to safe, nighttime motoring.
POWER DOOR LOCKS permit the driver and front seat passenger to lock and unlock all doers automatically at the touch of a switch.
Cadillac AIR CONDITIONING lets you ride in the cool comfort you enjoy in your airconditioned office or home. It also dehumidifies and removes dust, pollen and smoke.
E-Z-EYE GLASS reduces eyestrain by eliminating annoying glare. It filters out radiant heat, helping to keep the car interior cool.
THE Cadillac RADIO produces rich, full tones and long-range reception unique in a motor car radio. Tuning is automatic at a finger touch. The two-speaker system is supplied at no extra cost. Antenna is electrically operated.
Cadillac HEATING SYSTEM is unusually efficient and simple to operate. It provides warm air to both front and rear compartments, as well as heated air to the windshield for defrosting.
Cadillac FOG LAMPS provide illumination close to the surface of the road. They con-tribute greatly to safer driving in adverse weather.



  w.b.: 129.5 in. V8 cyl.
62 4 Door Hardtop (4 Window)  
62 4 Door Hardtop (6 Window)  
62 2 Door Coupé  
62 2 Door Convertible  



De Ville

  w.b.: 129.5 in. V8 cyl.
Sedan de Ville 4 Door (4 Window)  
Sedan de Ville 4 Door (6 Window)  
Coupé de Ville 2 Door Hardtop  




    w.b.: V8 cyl.
60 Special 4 Door Sedan 130 in.  
75 4 Door Sedan 149¾ in.  
75 4 Door Limousine 149¾ in.  




  w.b.: 130 in. V8 cyl.
Biarritz 2 Door Convertible  





60 Special

Sedan Hardtop


Jacqueline by Pininfarina

      – prototype