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 Cisitalia 1950


202 (R4, 1089 cm³, 50 KM) 


An advance preview of 1952 styling may be had by inspection of a design which is already four years old.
The Cisitlalia, along with other Italian automobiles, may be justly credited for the "Italian school of design" which is now being followed thruout the world. The distinctive Cisitalia finned rear fenders, exhaust "portholes" and blending of front fender into rear have all become familiar sights of American, British, and French, cars.
Yet to be equaled, however, is the graceful manner in which the hood sweeps down from the windshield to the grille at a level lower than the tops of the fenders. There is already a trend toward this appealing and practical design by 1952 several American manufacturers will adopt this feature.
Only 49 inches high, the "Cissy" is so well proportioned that it appears to be a much larger car. Absence of unnecessary ornamentation helps to emphasize the beauty of this refreshing car. Almost perfect is the simple radiator grille design-real art in the automotive field.
The 1950 Cisitalia continues use of the now popular styling with improvements such a one piece windshield. larger bumpers with rubber inset, individual parking lights, and a new interior. Chromed exhaust ports are mounted high in the fenders as on the Mille Miglia Coupé.
Mechanical improvements include dual carburation, a reinforced clutch, stronger suspension, and a new type steering gear. Fuel consumption been materially reduced: less than 3.4 gallons are required for a 100 mile trip. Brakes have been improved.

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202 Coupé



202 SC Vignale Cabrio

  Targa Florio/Giro di Sicilia entries:
up to
1500 cc
-1100 cc
#241 202 SC            
#243 202 Migliorini / Crepalmi 31st 5th 2nd - -
#246 202 Di Trabia fail. - - - -
#248 202 Ricciardi / Bolognese 86th 11th 7th - -
#253 202 Pagani / Giustina 61st 8th 4th - -
#329   Tramontana          
#330   Salonia          
#335 202 SMM Faraco / Montalbano 8th - - 7th 3rd
#349 202 Zampaglione   - -    
#407 202 Cagli / Banti fail.        

Cisitalia 202 (A.Migliorini - G.Crepalmi) at Targa Florio 


Cisitalia 202 SMM (Francesco Faraco - Rosario Montalbano) at Targa Florio.