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Citroën 1950

2 CV  
11 B  
15 Six D  


Paris Motor Show.
Extremely basic in it's design 2 CV proved to be very successful. The production reached 6,196 units during the year 1950.
Paris Motor Show saw the new van based on the 2CV and new bumpers on the 15 Six.
On November 11th the president of Citroën since 1935 died in car accident.
Mimo swego niewiarygodnego wręcz prymitywizmu, 2 CV odniósł duży sukces rynkowy. Na odbiór nowego samochodu klienci muszą czekać 10 miesięcy.
Na salonie w Paryżu zaprezentowano furgon na bazie 2CV i 15 Six nowymi zderzakami.

2 CV

  wb: B2 cyl.
375 cm³
9 ch
B2 cyl.
425 cm³
? ch
2 CV A
price in Oct.
240 cm berline
239,400 F
price in Oct.
240 cm   fourgonnette

No significant changes to the saloon, except for the price: 239,400 F at the Paris Show in October.
From December the 2 CV received driver door and ignition lock, both operated by the same key.

British Citroën 2 CV

2CV berline at Paris Motor Show.

2CV AU at Paris Motor Show.

Citroën 2 CV AU

11 CV

  wb: 4 cyl.
1911 cm³
56 ch
4 cyl.
1911 cm³
58 ch
11 Légère
price in Oct.
291 cm berline berline
432,100 F
11 Normale
price in Oct.
309 cm berline berline
461,000 F

11 Légère
In spring of 1950, the compression ratio of the engine increased from 6.2 to 6.5, and from April, an inverted carburettor of 32 replaces the 35 mounted since 1939; a longitudinal flat air filter completes this new type of power supply. New, two-spoke steering wheel.

11 Normale model '50.

Angielski Citroën Light Fifteen (11 B Légère)

15 Six

  wb: 6 cyl.
2867 cm³
77 ch
15 Six D
price in Oct.
309 cm berline
636,470 F

15 Six model '50.
In June the 15-Six began to be equipped with small shutters near the grille (visible here just beneath the headlight), large bumpers and position lights on top of the front wings. A new, two-spoke steering wheel, same as on the 11 CV.

The 15 Six with a new bumper, chrome grille and modified badge at Paris Motor Show.

The old badge used since 1947.

Citroën 15 Six

Angielski Citroën Six.