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Citroën 1951

2 CV  
11 B  
15 Six D  


The 2CV price of 239,400 F at the Grand Palais rose to 254,100 F in February and reached 283,000 F three months later. This however does not discourage the clientele, nor does the delay in delivery. It takes at least six years to become owner of a new 2 CV. Rare copies available on the second-hand market are trading at extremely high prices. Production continues to increase: from 876 cars in 1949, it rose to 6,196 in 1950 and reached 14,592 copies at the end of 1951.
Production of the AU (Utilitaire) van began in March.
During the year 1951, the 15 Six achieved its best commercial results with a 11,752 copies produced between January 1 and December 31.
W trzecim roku produkcji, nabywcy "najbrzydszego samochodu świata" doczekali się wreszcie kluczyków do swoich 2 CV. Od grudnia 1950 firma montuje zamek w drzwiach i stacyjkę na desce rozdzielczej.
W marcu podjęto produkcję furgonu 2 CV AU (Utilitaire).

2 CV

  wb: B2 cyl.
375 cm³
9 ch
2 CV A
price in Oct.
240 cm berline
323,000 F
2 CV AU 240 cm fourgonnette

The 2CV remains virtually unchanged from the previous year. In December last year it finally received driver door and ignition lock, both operated by the same key.
Production version of the van differs slightly from the one presented at the Paris Motor Show last year. Fuel filler has been moved, steps beneath the doors changed position and the rear light is square rather than round. Launched with a bigger, 425 cc engine, during its presentation to the Mines Department, in February 1951, is had the 375 cc of the saloon.

Citroën 2 CV AU

Citroën 2 CV AU as seen at the show last year.

Citroën 2 CV AU model '51.

11 CV

  wb: 4 cyl.
1911 cm³
58 ch
11 Légère
price in Oct.
291 cm berline
585,000 F
11 Normale
price in Oct.
309 cm berline
620,000 F

The 11 CV and 15 CV of the Paris Salon 1951 remain similar to that of the previous year; only the 11 CV Légère received a "winged" badge around its crank hole.

11 Normale model '51.

Dashboard decorations disappeared in the spring, replaced with a switch operating the 'semaphore' indicators.

Dashboard introduced in the summer 1950 with decorative stripes and Citroën chevron in the middle.

11 Normale model '52.

11 Légère model '52.

British Citroën Light Fifteen (11 B Normale)

Angielski Citroën Light Fifteen (11 B Légère)

15 Six

  wb: 6 cyl.
2867 cm³
77 ch
15 Six D
price in Oct.
309 cm berline
840,000 F

Citroën 15 Six

Citroën 15 Six

Kabriolet 15 Six wykonany przez szwajcarską firmę Langenthal.