Classic Car Catalogue

Daihatsu 1959


DKA – discontinued
DSA – new model
MP2 – new model 


Beginning in August 1959 the DKA was replaced by the more comfortable DSA, which has doors and a more powerful 10 PS version of the ZA engine. Maximum cargo capacity was also increased, from 300 to 350 kg (660 to 770 lb). There was also a two-seat version (DSAP), with the passenger seat offset to the left behind the driver. This required a longer passenger compartment, which encroached on the cargo area. There was also the DSV, a panel van version.
In October 1959 the MP2 Midget was introduced in Japan - updated with such features as a steering wheel, doors, and seating for two. This model had already been sold in the United States since April 1959, as the MPA, although it was marketed as the "Daihatsu Trimobile". The engine was the same (ZA) air-cooled two-stroke one-cylinder design with 10 PS 249 cc but an extra 80 kg (180 lb) made for a sluggish vehicle. The DSA continued to be built alongside the more expensive MP variants. There was again a panel van version also available.