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Daihatsu 1960


Hijet (L35) – new model in November        

1959 American advert.


Subsequent revisions to the MP design were soon made, resulting in the model MP3 which has the larger ZD engine of 305 cc which produced 12 PS (9 kW). In May 1960 the 200 mm (7.9 in) longer MP4 arrived, featuring roll-up door windows.
The first vehicle to bear the name Hijet from Daihatsu was a kei pick-up truck in November 1960 with a 360 cc two-stroke engine. It used a conventional front engine, rear drive format with the driver sitting behind the engine, in a similar pickup fashion. The exterior dimensions and engine displacement were in compliance with "kei class" regulations in Japan at its introduction. As a result, the ability to carry loads was very much reduced.