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Daimler 1931

20/30 6 cyl. sleeve valve 3568 cc  
35/120 6 cyl. sleeve valve 5764 cc  
30 V12 cyl. sleeve valve 3744 cc  
30/40 V12 cyl. sleeve valve 5296 cc  
40/50 V12 cyl. sleeve valve 6511 cc – new model
50 Sports V12 cyl. sleeve valve 7136 cc – discontinued
16/20 6 cyl. sleeve valve 3648 cc – new model

Great Britain

Nowe modele Double-Six, tak jak tradycyjnie, napędzane są widlastymi dwunastkami z rozrządem suwakowym typu Knight. Dostępne są trzy rozmiary podwozi o rozstawie osi: 11 ft. 6 in., 12 ft. 3 ½ in. i 13 ft. 1 in. Najkrótsze podwozie kosztuje 1100 funtów, średnie £ 1200 a najdłuższe £ 1350. Krótki model z nadwoziem Saloon - £ 1600, limuzyna na średnim pozwoziu - £ 1900 a na długim £ 2300.
Przejęcie Lanchestera. Imowę podpisano w grudniu ubiegłego roku a ogłoszono oficjalnie w styczniu.

Daimler Double Six 50 is available with either 12 ft 11 1/2 in or 13 ft 7 in wheelbase. The 7136-cc (81.5 x 114 mm) V-12-cylinder engine is arranged in four blocks of three cylinders and had two carburettors. All Daimlers are supplied in chassis form only, no standard bodies are listed. The Double Six 50 chassis cost £1950.
A new small sleeve-valve 2,648 cc six-cylinder model, the 16/20, 'particularly suited to the owner who drives himself'. It has cast-iron cylinder blocks, fluid flywheel and self-changing gearbox.
The Daimler is still the favourite car of kings: in mid-April 1931 it was announced that the King of Siam had just taken delivery of a 20/30 hp Daimler sports saloon bodied by Arthur Mulliner of Northampton. King George V took delivery of five new Hooper-bodied Daimlers, which he had ordered in October 1930. Three 40/50 hp Double-Six limousines and two 30/40 'enclosed limousine' each for the King and Queen - are the first Royal cars to be fitted with safety glass. One of the most sumptuously finished DoubleSix Daimlers was delivered to His Highness the Maharajah of Bhavanagar. A Connaught enclosed-drive limousine painted coronet red and black and all the brightwork - including the radiator - is silver-plated. The passenger compartment is upholstered in red and gold silk tapestry, with a gold pile silk headlining, all the woodwork is in macassar ebony, and the ventilation system, controlled by flaps concealed in the roof, incorporated cages containing scented cotton wool to perfume the air in the rear compartment.

Double Six 50 Drophead Coupé karosowany w londyńskim zakładzie Corsica.

16/20 Foursome Coupé

Double Six 50

Double Six 30/40 Saloon