Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1948

DB 18 2½ -Litre  
DE 27  
DE 36 Straight Eight  
DB 18 Sports Special – London

Great Britain

Daimler continues their 2½ -Litre DB18 in Saloon and Drophead Coupé form. The chassis is available at a basic price of £1065 for bodywork by other coachbuilders.
Sports Special unveiled at the first post-war London Motor Show at Earls Court has drop head body and 85 bhp twin carb engine giving 85 mph in overdrive. 'An exceptionally attractive design with a modern appearance but beautifully balanced proportions and graceful curves. Exciting car with a refreshing interpretation of the modern trend but - still truly "Daimler", thoroughly British, elegant, dignified and practical'.
But the real show stopper was the Hooper bodied roadster on the Straight-Eight chassis. The green-torquoise paintwork earned this stunning car the nickname 'Green Goddess'. At £7,001 it was the most expensive car at Earls Court. Headlights are located in the long front wings behind Perspex covers. The hood is power-operated and the instrument panel follows the curve of the exeptionally wide windsreen with three wipers. 'There is a broad front seat for three ... behind are folding seats for two, but even these are armchairs. When the two rear seats are folded, the space is equivalent to the carrying capacity of a small van! ...There is not space here to tell fully of all the intriguing detail design such as the speedometer trip which can be switched to operate in miles or kilometres; of the tool-kit which includes hand-cleaning equipment, and of the arrangement of handles and levers which lift the rear wheel covers.' The Autocar


2½ -Litre

DB 18 6 cyl. 2522 cc 70 bhp wb: 9ft.6in.  
DB 18 Sports Special 6 cyl. 2522 cc 85 bhp wb: 9ft.6in. – new model


Twenty-Seven and
Straight Eight

DE 27 6 cyl. 4095 cc 110 bhp wb: 11ft. 6½in.
DE 36 8 cyl. 5460 cc 150 bhp wb: 12ft.3in.

DE 36 'Green Goddess'

DE 36 'Green Goddess' by Hooper

The 'Green Goddess' at London Motor Show in October.