Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1953

Consort – discontinued (1949-53 - 4250 ex.)
Sports Special – discontinued (1948-53 - 608 ex.)
Straight Eight – discontinued (1946-53 - 205 ex.)
Conquest – May
Century Roadster – October (London)

Great Britain

Następcą modelu Consort jest Conquest. Dla Daimlera jest to samochód kompaktowy, bowiem jego rozstaw osi wynosi 264 cm, a długość 450 cm. Do napędu kół tylnych wykorzystano silnik R6 o pojemności 2433 cm³ o mocy 75 KM.

The new Conquest Series DJ is a replacement for the Consort with full width pressed steel body, shared with Lanchester 14. Power is 75 bhp from single carb short stroke six-cylinder 2433cc version of the Lanchester Fourteen engine giving 80 mph top speed. Independent front suspension is on laminated torsion bar springs, and central lubrication is fitted but brakes are still hydro-mechanical. Plush leather interior and much improved handling.
Deliberately exclusive is the 'Docker Daimler' built for the Hooper stand at Earls Court on the 'Special Series' Regency 3-litre chassis. With just two seats (the space behind them is occupied by two red crocodile leather suitcases), this sleek coupe is panelled in light alloy and fitted with a 'Sundym' glass roof; with green leather seats piped in red and red crocodile dashboard and door cappings, the car has the usual vanity drawer under the dash containing silver accessories. Called the 'Silver Flash' the car is finished in a metallic silver.
A real surprise at the Motor Show was the Conquest Roadster, a low-slung sports two-seater with a 100 bhp twin carburettor version of the 2½-litre engine.
Daimler sales are stagnating due to the excessively high purchase tax of 66.6 per cent on new cars. Production of the 3-litre Regency was suspended at the beginning of the year and between 4 February and the next budget, due in April, Daimler would reduced the price of all Consorts delivered by £239, equivalent to a cut in purchase tax to 33.3 per cent.


Consort and
Sports Special

Consort 6 cyl. 2522 cc 70 bhp wb: 9ft.6in. – discontinued
DB 18 Sports Special 6 cyl. 2522 cc 85 bhp wb: 9ft.6in. – discontinued



Saloon 6 cyl. 2952 cc 90 bhp wb: 9ft. 6in.
DHC 6 cyl. 2952 cc 100 bhp wb: 9ft. 6in.

Regency Saloon

Regency Drophead Coupé


Straight Eight

DE 36 8 cyl. 5460 cc 150 bhp wb: 12ft.3in. – discontinued

The 'Silver Flash' at Earls Court.



Saloon 6 cyl. 2433 cc 75 bhp wb: 8ft. 8in. – new model
DHC 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp wb: 8ft. 8in. – new model

Conquest Saloon


Century Roadster

Roadster 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp wb: 8ft. 8in. – new model