Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1964

2½ -Litre V8  
Majestic Major  
SP 250 – discontinued (1959-64 - 2650 ex.)

Great Britain

The Daimler range now comprises the 2½-litre V8 in the Mk. II Jaguar body and the 4½ litre Majestic Major in saloon and limousine form. The ill-fated SP250 sports car is now out of production, although no official announcement has been made.
(London report, October'63)

2½ -Litre

Saloon wb: 107.4 in. V8 cyl. 2548 cc 140 bhp


Majestic Major
and Limousine

Saloon wb: 114 in. V8 cyl. 4561 cc 220 bhp
Limousine wb: 138 in. V8 cyl. 4561 cc 220 bhp

Majestic Major Saloon

Landaulette built for yhe King of Thailand.

Majestic Limousine

SP 250

DHC wb: 92 in V8 cyl. 2548 cc 140 bhp – discontinued