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Daimler 1966

2½ -Litre V8  
Majestic Major  
Sovereign – autumn

Great Britain

The Jaguar Group, which in turn has been in connection with the British Motor Corporation since last year, also owns the English Daimler. Under this brand name, the 2.5-liter V8 is offered; an offshoot of the Jaguar Mark 2. The Daimler Sovereign is a parallel model to the Jaguar 420th. An exclusive prestige vehicle is the Daimler Majestic Major in saloon form or as a Limousine of impressive size. Those however are only built in small numbers.

Badge engineered version of Jaguar 420 of 1966, the Sovereign is identical apart from fluted grille etc. and "D" insignias. Engine is 245 bhp 4.2 litre six from Jaguar, giving 125 mph. The transmission is four speed with standard overdrive, or optional automatic. Power steering is standard, and interior is slightly more plush than Jaguar.

Daimler LIMOUSINE is one of the first cars to be merged with the giant British Motor Corporation, where it should hold its place as an outstanding example of power and dignity. It has traditional lines and sumptuous comfort for the man who wants his motoring on an impressive scale. Daimler is a long-established name in Britain and this smooth-lined, majestic car fully adds to its lustre.
(London report, October'66)


2½ -Litre

Saloon wb: 107.4 in. V8 cyl. 2548 cc 140 bhp


Majestic Major
and Limousine

Saloon wb: 114 in. V8 cyl. 4561 cc 220 bhp
Limousine wb: 138 in. V8 cyl. 4561 cc 220 bhp

Majestin Major




Saloon wb: 107.4 in. 6 cyl. 4235 cc 245 bhp – new model