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Datsun / Nissan 1963

Bluebird – discontinued  
Bluebird 410 – new model – Tokyo  
Cedric 1900    
Cedric Special    


The only new model from Nissan is the restyled Datsun Bluebird. It replaced recently the old faithful Bluebird which attained an all-time production reCord of 210,000 during the last four years, and 32,000 were exported. Although it inherited the engine, running gear and suspension from the old model, the body was so radically re-designed that Nissan should have chosen a new name for it. Italian influence is obvious in the styling. The unitary construction was finally adopted in place of a separate chassis frame. The wheelbase is 4in. longer and body is both longer and lower. The engine is a well-proven unit first introduced in 1959, but now it has acquired full-flow lubrication and a.c. generator. There are two options in size, 1,189 c.c. 55 b.h.p. and 988 c.c. 45 b.h.p. The Saxomat automatic clutch is available as an optional extra.
The Nissan Cedric, which is quite a roomy 5- or 6-seater saloon powered by an 88 b.h.p. 1,883c.c. engine, has changed only slightly. Mechanically, most significant is that an all-synchromesh three-speed gearbox was standardized and a four-speed became optional. The facia has been re-designed and on the de luxe models imported natural wood panels give an air of luxury to the instrument board. There are two wheelbases in the Cedric 1900 series; the longer one is called the Cedric Custom and is better appointed.
The 6cylinder Cedric Special, of which a prototype was first shown at last year's show, has been in production since this spring in small numbers, and gained popularity as a V.I.P. car. The 6-cylinder, 2,825c.c. engine has an enormous low speed torque and the claimed top speed is near 100 m.p.h.
The Datsun Fairlady 1500, the only sports car on the market at present, sells very well indeed. Since its introduction at the 1961 show, it has undergone steady development and a twin-carburettor model appeared this summer. The 1,488 c.c. o.h.v. engine is basically that of the Nissan Cedric saloon but extensively modified, now developing 80 (net) h.p. at 5,600 r.p.m. with the peak torque at 4,000 r.p.m. The four-speed gearbox now has closer ratios. The 95 m.p.h. Fairlady has an excellent all-round performance.

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Nissan Cedric Special at Tokio Motor Show.





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Datsun Bluebird 410 at Tokio Motor Show.

Bluebird Fancy De Luxe