Classic Car Catalogue

DB 1950

Cabriolet 4 CV B2 cyl. 745 cm³ 40 ch wb: 2050 mm – Paris


The first Deutsch and Bonnet's commercial car was introduced at the Paris Show in October. The elegant convertible is designed and produced by Antem on a special square cross-section backbone chassis. The power of the Dyna 120 engine is increased to 40 b.h.p. Many Panhard components are also used.




Entries and results:
  Mille Miglia 23-24.04.1950 Results:
gen. group
#703 DB5 Simone / De Marchio dnf -

  24h Le Mans 24.06.1950 Entrant: Results:
  gen. class perf. ind.
#58 610 cm³ Bonnet / Bayol Deutsch & Bonnet 23rd 3rd - 501-750 6th
#59 610 cm³ Guyot / Chaussal Deutsch & Bonnet acc. - -
#64 DB5 (1911 cm³) Simone / Aunaud Deutsch & Bonnet fail. - -

For the 24h Le Mans DB entered three cars: no. 58 driven by Bonnet and Bayol, no. 59 of Guyot and Chaussat, both with 610 cc Panhard engines and one old DB 8 no. 64 with 2-litre Citroën unit. Only Bonnet and Bayol finished the race ranked 6th in the performance index and 23th in overall ranking.

On October 10th and 11th, two DB cars beat fourteen world records in Montlhéry in the 750 and 500 categories. Driven by Deutsch. Bonnet, Bayol, Aunaud and Bouchard, the 750 cc (already seen in 1950 at the Bol d'Or, at Le Mans, at 12 Heures de Paris, at Rouen, etc.) has won eight world records, while the 500 cc racer (seen at the Paris Show last year) took six.

DB 500 looks the same as at the Paris Show last year but has more powerful and more durable engine.