Classic Car Catalogue

DB 1951

Cabriolet 4 CV B2 cyl. 745 cm³ 40 ch wb: 2050 mm


The convertible 750 HBR does not sell very well. By October this year only about twenty orders has been placed. The company is in financial difficulties and seeks support from Panhard.

DB cabriolet on Panhard stand at the Paris Motor Show.




Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans (23.06.1951) Entrant: Results:
        gen. class perf.ind.
#48 861 cm³ Bonnet / Bayol DB 21st 2nd - 751-1100 5th
#56 745 cm³ Aunaud Louis Pons DB 30th 7th - 501-750 23th
#57 745 cm³ Eggen / Beaulieux DB dsq - -

For the 24h Le Mans in June the DB entered three cars. The No. 48 equipped with a new 850 cc engine, driven by Bonnet and Bayol finished in 21st place. The No. 57 of Eggen and Beaulieu uses a 745 cc engine; She will be disqualified for unauthorised assistance. Having the same engine the No. 56 with Aunaud and Pons at the wheel finished in the 30th (last) place.





In the spring Charles Deutsch and René Bonnet asked the stylist Philippe Charbonneaux to draw a coupé to be built on the 205 cm wheelbase chassis. The plan has been supplied to Antem but for financial and technical reasons did not go beyond the project stage.