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DB 1954

Coupé – discontinued (1952-54 - 70 ex.)
HBR – Paris


Two DB coupés at Le Mans.

Produkcja coupé HBR z aluminiowym nadwoziem nie została podjęta. Latem Chausson przedstawiło przedprodukcyjny egzemplarz nowego coupé HBR z karoserią z tworzyw sztucznych. Pierwszy seryjny egzemplarz gotów był w październiku na Salon Samochodowy w Paryżu.

The production of the Coupé with aluminium bodywork did not commence. Instead, in the summer, Chausson presented a pre-production copy of the coupé HBR with plastics body. The first serial copy was ready in October for the Paris Motor.


HBR coupé

wb: 2130 mm B2 cyl.
850 cm³
42 ch
B2 cyl.
850 cm³
50 ch
B2 cyl.
745 cm³
38 ch
coach HBR 5 HBR 5 HBR 4


The pre-production model was ready in the summer.

The new DB HBR at the Paris Motor Show




1st Rudge Withworth Cup # 57 HBR Bonnet / Bayol

F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:

12h Sebring 07.03.1954 (round 2) Results:    
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class    
68 HBR Panhard   Kerner / Goldman C. J. Davis dna S1.5 -    
74 HBR Panhard   Heavlin / Davis C. J. Davis 19th S750 1st    
Mille Miglia 1-2.05.1954 (round 3)   Results:    
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class    
2303 HBR Panhard   Picart / Renaud   dnf S750 -    
2306 HBR Panhard   Baisi / Bret   116th S750 5th    
2316 HBR Panhard   Botchaco / Azéma   dnf S750 -    
2318 HBR Panhard   Cornet / Gignoux   dnf S750 -    
2320 HBR Panhard #801 Faure / Storez   65th S750 1st    
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1954 (round 4)   Results: Perf.
#       Entrant: gen. class
51 Renault 747cm³   Helde / Lucas D.B. fail. - - -  
52 Renault 747 cm³   Azema / de Burnay D.B. fail. - - -  
56 Panhard 750 cm³   Cornet / Gignoux D.B. 16th 501-750 3rd 8th
57 Panhard 750 cm³   Bonnet / Bayol D.B. 10th 501-750 1st 1st
64 Renault 747 cm³   Storez / Vidilles Jeudy-Bonnet fail. - - -  
Tourist Trophy 11.09.1954 (round 5)   Results:    
#         gen. class    
51 HBR Panhard   Bonnet / Bayol D.B. acc. S750 -    
52 HBR Panhard   Armagnac / Laureau D.B. 21st S750 1st    
53 HBR Renault   Lucas / Feuz D.B. dnf S750 -    
55 HBR Panhard   Berinstein / Trouis Franco-Brittanique dnf S750 -    

W tym roku DB wystawił do wyścigu w Le Mans aż pięć samochodów. Auta napędzane silnikami Renault nie ukończyły wyścigu. Bonnet i Bayol dojechali do mety na 10 miejscu i wygrali wskaźnik osiągów a Cornet i Gignoux zajęli 16 pozycję.

This year DB entered for the race in Le Mans as many as five cars. Vehicles powered by the Renault engines did not complete the race. Bonnet and Bayol crossed the finish line in 10th place and won a performance index. Cornet and Gignoux took 16 position.


D.B. Startujący w maratonie Liege-Rome-Liege.

Derived from the Racer 500, Monomil appeared on the track last year. It has 2-cylinder 745 cm³ engine driving front wheels. It proved very popular among young, beginner racing drivers.
New Formula 1 regulations for next year restricts naturally aspired engine size to 2.5-litre and supercharged to .75-litre. Thus DB decided to give it a go and modified the Monomil by adding belt driven Mag compressor. The engine power rose from 55 to 85 b.h.p. The car, with modified bodywork was proudly exhibited on the stand in Paris, along with the new coupé HBR.

Supercharged 750-c.c. D.B., in general shape looking like an enlarged Monomill racer but being better finished and having large ribbed brakes and knock-off wire wheels. It is really in the form of an experiment, but as a 750-c.c. supercharged car it must be considered as a current Formula I car and while not of Grand Prix standard it might be quite handy on a small Formula I circuit such as Pan or Aix-les-Bains. The engine was normal D.B. Panhard flat-twin fitted with a belt-driven double-rotor supercharger, the power unit being in front of the front wheels and driving them through a normal D.B. gearbox.
(Paris report)

DB Formula 1 racer at Paris Motor Show.

The Monomil

In October RenéBonnet took a new car to Montlhéry in a hope of setting a new record in the class H (501-750 cc) and beating the limit of 200 km/h. He managed to reach the speed of 197.245 km/h setting a new record. Two months later on 10th of December Pierre Chancel made another attempt and crossed the magic 200 reaching 201.88 km/h.

Pierre Chancel in December. 201.88 km/h.

René Bonnet in October. 197.245 km/h.