Classic Car Catalogue

Delaunay-Belleville 1946

RI-6 13 CV wb: 285 cm 6 cyl.
2309 cm³
50 ch


Almost as old as the industry, Delaunay-Belleville makes cars since 1904. During the first two decades of the century they were considered the most prestigious French brand. Throughout the world, the firm of Saint-Denis evokes the high class having built vehicles for royal customers: in 1909, SM Edouard VII; in 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt; in 1913, the President of the French Republic Raymond Poincaré and Tsar Nicolas II. In 1920's its star begins to pale and the Great Depression in the early thirties put them into financial difficuliies.
After the Liberation, the factories of Saint-Denis slowly resume the production of the Type RI-6 with a modernized body. The grille is a reminiscent of that of the Buick, the front wings and the bonnet has been remolded and a small side steps has been added. In general the car still looks outdated and only four were sold this year.