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Derby 1932



Motor SportNovember 1932
Motor SportNovember 1932
Sports cars for 1933.

This interesting front wheel drive car has been designed by Mr. Douglas Hawkes, who has been responsible for the tuning of Mrs. Stewart's record-breaking Miller. The chassis consists simply of two channel section girders braced at short intervals. Each wheel has its own axle, a hollow steel pressing hinged to the chassis so as to take all braking, steering and power reaction forces, the transverse springs dealing simply with the suspension of the car. The drive for the front wheels passes through the hollow axle pressings.
The power unit is now a 10-50 two carburettor Meadows, which with the low chassis and consequently frontal area should allow a good turn of speed. The four-speed gearbox, which is of course situated in front of the engine, is operated through a distant control projecting through the dashboard. All the brakes work on the wheels, not on the driving shafts as in other f.w.d. cars and are applied by cable.
The chassis costs £340, and a low built but roomy four-seater is priced at £445.
Motor SportNovember 1932
A visit to the Olympia Motor Show.

Pride of place at the Entrance Gates was shared with the Bugatti stand by the Derby cars shown on the stand of Morgan Hastings, Ltd. Although these interesting front-wheel drive sports cars are officially described as being of French origin, they are in actual fact largely of English manufacture, for they are powered by a Meadows 1½-litre o.h.v. engine. The chassis was an interesting exhibit, the frame members being very close together, and with its independent springing front and rear, should hold the road very well. And then I remembered that that famous motor sportsman, Douglas Hawkes now controls the destiny of the Derby concern in France, and I regarded the neat green four-seater sports car with a covetous eye.