Classic Car Catalogue

Dornier 1969

Delta II 395 ccm, Goggomobil


The Delta II is a second creation of Claudius Dornier Jr., now head of the famous aircraft company. In 1955 he built the Dornier Delta, a prototype that become the Z├╝ndapp Janus. Fascinated by the idea of creating a small, economical means of public transport he built a new prototype Dornier Delta II, which will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. While the engine and chassis of the prototype are of common design, remarkable ideas have been included in the construction. It consists of smooth-surfaced plastic and glass plates, whereby the aim is to make replacenent of all individual panels as easy as possible. Two or, if necessary, four people can sit in the Delta II, they have an excellent visibility and plenty of space. On both sides, a sliding door is available, and the rear window can be opened up to load bulky loads. In order to make the prototype mobile, a Goggomobil 400 engine is installed, but for the series one thinks of a one-liter engine with automatic transmission.