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Elva 1964

Great Britain

Courier Mk IV
GT 160 – prototype 


This T-Type sports car is billed as the only 100-mph open two-seater in Europe with fully independent suspension selling in the UK for under £1000 tax paid. It features a reinforced metal and fibreglass body mounted on a ladder-type chassis with a choice of either the Ford Cortina GT 1489-cc or MGB 1798-cc power units.


An interesting new car to be seen on the Elva stand is the Elva GT, fitted with a 1,991-c.c. dry-sump version of the B.M.W. 1,800 engine, which is claimed to give this tiny rear-engined Coupé a top speed of 160 m.p.h. The body was designed by Fiore of Paris and is built by Fissore Savigliano of Turin.
(London report, October'64)

GT 160



  24h Le Mans 22.06.1964 Entrant: Results: Index:
#   engine     gen. class perf. eff.
67 Courier 1.798 cc Lutz/O'Steen R.J. Lutz dns - - -

Elva Courier, engine: Elva 1.798 cc. (Roland J. Lutz / Richard O´Steen) at Le Mans, Roland J. Lutz.